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Things to keep in mind while designing kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where birthday cakes are decorated, Sunday roasts are carved, Christmas lunch is served and all the best family secrets are spilled! But what good is a kitchen if it’s not practical? When it comes to renovating a kitchen, many of us worry too much about the aesthetic, and not enough about the functionality. From the placement of your bin to the overhang of your breakfast bar, here are some practical things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen

Close dishwasher and sink placement

If you wish to avoid dripping food and grease on the floor, place the dishwasher within arm’s reach of the sink. That way, when you rinse the excess food off plates, you can place them straight in the dishwasher. Otherwise you will have to travel across the kitchen dripping dirty water as you go, and I am yet to meet anyone who enjoys mopping the kitchen floor! It is also important to place the dishwasher by the sink in order to connect the dishwasher plumbing to the drain and taps

Bin location

The kitchen bin is not only used for food scraps and packaging. More often than not, it is used for everyday household rubbish that is collected around the house. For this reason, it is useful to place the bin at a point in the kitchen that is easily accessible from the rest of the house.

I suggest placing it on the end of the bench or island, closest to the kitchen entrance. That way, you can simply throw something in the bin as you walk past, rather than walk into the kitchen and get in the way of the chef! As for a compost bin, that you can keep as close to your food preparation area as possible

Dishwasher location

Designing the layout of a kitchen is a little like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Earlier, I mentioned that you should always place the dishwasher near the sink for plumbing reasons. Well, with that in mind, you should not install your dishwasher next to a wall. This will greatly limit your access to the dishwasher and make it very difficult to pack and unpack, as you will only be able to access it from one side

Sockets in the cupboards

Gone are the days of storing your toaster and kettle on the worktop. The trend these days is to hide your appliances away in a cupboard. To this end, you need to ensure you plan for electric sockets to be installed inside your cupboards, so your appliances can actually be plugged in.

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I would suggest installing more than one double socket, as we are using more and more appliances these days. The humble toaster and kettle don’t cut it anymore – we have coffee machines, food processors and all sorts. So install two double sockets so you can have all your appliances on the go!

Adequate lighting

The kitchen is the most likely room for accidents to occur, and it’s no wonder! Hot ovens, sharp knives and hobs can all be household hazards. It’s for this reason that good lighting is essential in the kitchen.

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  1. I am getting ready to do my kitchen and I have older cabinets. How did you fill the holes where the existing hardware was and how did you paint the exterior hinges? How have the hinges held up being painted? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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