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What to Do When Your Water Tank is Leaking?

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Find the stop tap

If you experience a leakage in hot water cylinder, then you surely need to locate the stop tap which is mostly found in the meeting point of hot water unit and supply of cold water. After locating it, you need to turn the water off.

Locate the water meter

If you couldn’t find the location point then no worries all you will need is the accessibility of another point you can locate is the water meter. But no one will recommend you to turn the water meter off as the whole residence of yours will be after you for stopping their water flow. The temperature valve usually discharges water which is almost 3 percent of the tanks volume of the water in the heat cycle. If you experience the flow of 20 liters of water in a day in New Zealand, then it is a sign of a fault in the valve for which you surely need to contact the plumber. If you are not in a position to call the plumber then you can try few tricks to block the leakage for quite a sometime.

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Use fiberglass

You should always start off with the use of a fiberglass and then jump for the help of putty. Get the areas cleaned which surely never means to wipe them with a piece of a tissue paper. For professional cleaning, you will need the aid if sandpaper.  With the sandpaper, you will have to lightly scratch the areas. Cleaning is exceedingly vital as the removal of dirt makes sure that adhesive sticks perfectly giving a smooth grip. You can also bond the steeling pipes in the same way, vigorously rubbing the metal. Always make use of the gloves and don’t ever touch the area with your hands. If any oily substance gets left then you will get a weaker bond. Make the use of a clean cloth and with the use of alcohol clean and get rid of any dust particles as the dust particles will only cause the bond to get weak. There must be no water in the cleaning area else there will be no bond. Fiberglass sheets are very cheaply available in the markets as they are mainly and most commonly used in the boating industry along with some car body shops.

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It is the time to clean the area where you will be applying the fiberglass to. Make sure to apply it in a single layer, molding in the orientation you want. Use gloves before applying resin as it is gooey. Use a lot when applying the glue in layers. Let it dry for quite a time and then expand it cover the maximum area it could.

Use Putty

Another way to cover the leakage is using a steel putty. Take some of it and mold it in the area of need in hot water cylinder and then letting it dry out for the period it takes to.

Use Epoxy

You can always use epoxy as a substitute of putty for the leakage.

This video will help you further:

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  1. Problems with water heaters are unavoidable because they will deteriorate over time. The leak and the spoiled water heater might be caused of worn out pipes. Repeated change in temperature could certainly weaken the pipes and cause them to lose functionality. I hope you’ve been checking your heaters from time to time after this incident. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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